Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ear,Eye,Arm plot summary through chapter 27

1.Tell what happened to the children in Dead's Man's Vlei.
Tendai,Rita, and Kuda was walking around Mbare Musika looking at all the sights there never saw before. Until they couldn't believe what they saw, they saw a blue monkey. They wen to go observe the monkey, when they got there it started talking. All the kids were amazed, they wanted to keep it, they had enough money to buy the monkey. The blue monkey was encouraging them to him, so they went in the back with the owner to see if they could by the monkey. Then right when they got in the back the monkey bit Tendai and two men that was with the owner of the monkey named Knife and Fist got Rita and Kuda. They were stuffed in bags and taken to Dead's Man's Vlei. When they got to Dead's Man's Vlei they were taken to the She Elephant were they had to work for her. They had to do all kinds of stuff, mostly mine for plastic and stuff like that. They stayed there for weeks working for the She Elephant and getting to know all the people there. Longer they stayed there the more they blended in with the Dead's Man's Vlei people. The She Elephant was training them for The Mask. The Mask is a group of people who break the law and do bad stuff.

2.Tell how the children escaped Dead's Man's Vlei.
One day Tendai was getting water for the She Elephant and so he had to go down to where the water was. when he got to the water he saw a shaft that lead to the surface, he thought it would be a old well. So he tried to go up the well he tried and tried until he had scrapes all over his body,but he never quit. He got up to the surface after all the hard work and pain it took him to get up. After that he gathered up Rita,Kuda,and kudas friend trashman. They ran to the city trying to get away from Dead's Man's Vlei. All the workers didn't even mind the kid's running away, but the She Elephant did, she chased after them but they got away.

3.Tel what happened to the children in Resthaven.
In Resthaven the kids were taken care of after what happened in Dead's Man's Vlei. Only a few people can go in Resthaven, the kids were lucky that they even went in. Resthaven is like it's own world that's why not a lot of people can go in. There is something about Resthaven, All the people there don't go in the outside world, so all the people live by the way that are ancestor's lived. So no one has any technology or cars, they still believe in witches and magic. So it was kinda hard for Rita and all the kids because they had to do a lot of chores. One day they got in trouble, because one girl named Chipo had baby's,she had twins and it means that it's bad luck and witch craft. So they had to kill one of the babies, so they were gonna kill the girl but Rita stander up for the baby girl,and thats how Rita got in trouble. Tendai got in trouble because he stander up for Rita.

4. The children escaped because the whole village was doing like a test to see if your a witch. An the whole village had to drink this nasty soup and if you didn't through up your a witch. An Tendai and Rita got some help for this girl named Myanda. She gave them chicken poop so they can through up easier. The day they had to drink the nasty soup. They hadn't even have to eat the chicken poop to through up because it was so nasty. An after that they voted to leave Resthaven And try to get back home.


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